Eper-On Spurs from Flex-On

Known for their innovative, shock-absorbing stirrups, the Eper-on is Flex-on’s first foray into cutting-edge spur design.

The plastic shell on the back of the boot is kept in place thanks to a collarette on the sole and an elastomer band beneath the heel leaving the ankle totally free of any strap. For even more practicality, the simple system for attaching the spurs allows riders to change them without dismounting.

For a perfect fit, the Eper-On Spurs are offered in S, M, L and XL. With three different height settings, interchangeable heads (ball, hammer, roulette and prince-of-wales), it makes it the all in one spur we all need.

In black, the Eper-on is barely visible over your boot. And for a more original style, it can also be coordinated with your clothing. Colours currently in stock are Navy, Black and Grey. 


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