Antarès Elastic Halter

Initially, a simple and common problem for all professional and amateur riders: when a head movement is stopped abruptly by the halter, especially on the tie, the surprise effect can get the horse to panic. This is followed by an instinctive and dangerous reaction, the horse pulls back violently to escape, until one of the attachment elements breaks. And severe and irreversible cervical injuries can result.

The Antarès Sellier France team, in collaboration with Cédric Angot, has therefore worked on a simple and innovative solution to create a more serene environment for the horse and rider: the STRESSLESS halter.

Composed of quality pre-stretched French leather elements, the halter ensures the perfect comfort of the horse.

The elastic on the headpiece and cheek-pieces is strategically placed to limit as much as possible the «stop» phenomenon that can occur during head movements on the tie.

The halter accompanies the horse, without blocking. And greatly decreases the risk of panic.

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