Antarès Extra Contact Jumping Saddle

Extra Contact saddle specifications

The latest creation of research and development, the Extra Contact saddle is a mass of innovation. Its flat seat offers maximum contact to the rider with the horse. It also allows him more mobility in his position. In fact, the rider can easily advance his point of gravity thanks to his new generation tree.

A innovative tree

Precision-crafted around innovation, the tree of the Extra Contact saddle represents a new era in saddle design.

Its shape allows for more clearance along the horse's spine, promoting greater freedom of movement in the horse's back.

This liberates the shoulder blade and minimizes pressure on the rider's knees over the horse's withers. Consequently, it ensures superior weight distribution on the horse's back, allowing them to fully utilize their locomotion and express themselves in their movements.

Composition of the tree

Constructed from injected copolymer, it combines two polymers with distinct properties – one for flexibility and the other for maintaining the tree's shape.

The panels of the Extra Contact saddle

To offer more comfort and freedom to the horse, the shape of the panels has been redesigned. Shorter front than traditional panels, they allow clearance of the horse's shoulders for greater mobility of movement.

A removable pommel

Elastic piece under the saddle, the pommel is easily removable. Thus the arch of the tree can be modified by our technicians. The saddle can therefore be suitable for different body shapes of horses.

Find out more about the Extra Contact custom saddle in this article.

Technical description of the Extra Contact saddle

The Extra Contact is available double flap version only.
The stirrup bar is flexible and features a safety lock.
Three finishes for the saddle are offered: soft leather lining, grain, and classic.
2 flap options: the original / the "Classic".
The original version has the metal “Antarès” stamp. The front and back quilting of the flap provides more comfort.
The "Classic" version, more sober and refined, is ideal for disciplines such as hunter.
The "Classic" model features the boomerang-shaped stirrup leather keepers.
The saddles come in calf or buffalo leather and are available in black or brown.
Customizations are possible, including front and back piping, stirrup leather keeper, stitching, plates, and D-ring.

Extra contact finishes

Customizations are possible, including front and back piping, stirrup leather keeper, stitching, plates, and D-ring.
The tree is backed by a lifetime guarantee, the gullet plate for 5 years, and the leather for 2 years.

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