Antarès Adjust Pad

The Antarès Adjust Pad comes with a butter soft calfskin layer to protect the withers.
The top exterior part of the pad is made with natural merino wool which gives it exceptional durability.

The bottom exterior part of the pad is made out of a high tech 3D mesh which serves as cushioning, shock absorbing, diminishing pressure points, and enhancing air-flow between the horse’s back and the saddle. This type of mesh is very flexible, making the ADJUST PAD easy to mold to the horse’s back shape and the horse’s movements, it is also very light (approx 500 grams).

Product mission :
Not only the ADJUST PAD serves as a great half-pad, it also comes with the option to add shims; through the pockets located on the top exterior side of the pad, shims can easily be added to provide a range of different saddle fitting options.
The pockets and shims design and material insure perfect support.
Depending on the amount of correction needed and to obtain the desired fitting, the shims can be placed on top of each other.
While the ADJUST PAD is suitable for all kind of horses, it is recommended for sensitive horses or horses with back pain.

Product care :
It is advised to clean the ADJUST PAD with
a lightly wet and soapy gentle sponge.

Product composition :
Merino wool / calfskin leather / 3D polyester memory foam mesh

Product sold with a pack of 4 shims (2 front + 2 rear)

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