EquiFit Knock Knee Liners

Designed for horses with front interference, the Knock Knee Liners feature reinforced Ever-Leather strike zones for added knee protection. Knock Knee Liners allow for freedom of movement and help prevent injury from impact, cuts and abrasions. ImpacTeq technology disperses pressure points as well as firms to a protective shield upon impact, reducing shock and vibration when interference occurs. Breathable, antimicrobial and easy to wash, Knock Knee Liners offer unparalleled protection. Non-neoprene material offers breathability and a great solution for horses with neoprene allergies.

  • ImpacTeq liners with additional protection for the inside of the knee.
  • Protects while allowing total freedom of movement in the knee.
  • Help prevent injury from impact, cuts and abrasions on the knee.
  • Features hook and loop closure with durable elastic at top.
  • Washing Instructions: Remove liners and machine wash on gentle cycle. Fasten hook and loop strap before washing. Air dry flat.

The removable liners are designed to pair with D-Teq Front Boots.

Sold as: Pair

Size: S, M, L, XL

Color: Black

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