Flex-on Composite Safety Stirrup "Safe-on"

Made in France, the Safe-on stirrup is the newest addition to the Flex-on stirrup range. It combines the performance characteristics of the original Flex-on models with a dual "breakaway" system, designed to release in the event of a fall. 

The Safe-on range by Flex-on is designed to reduce the risk of a rider's foot getting stuck in the stirrup in the event of a fall. It is a the forefront of the most up to date "breakaway" style, where the outer arm of the stirrup opens to release the foot when the rider's weight acts against it. 

The Safe-on stirrup must have at least 40kg of weight, (or the equivalent in kinetic energy) acting on the outer arm to open it. 

The Safe-on stirrup is unlikely to open if the pony or horse stands still when the rider falls; and will not open if the fall does not cause the rider's weight to act on the outer arm of the stirrup. 

As with any safety equipment, safety stirrups can only reduce the risk of a foot getting trapped in a fall, there is no design which can prevent it.

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